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Hello! We are Denise Lever and Jacqueline Harriss, welcome to our shop Country Cousins Lifestyle. It is nestled in the heart of Hebden Bridge in the West Yorkshire Pennines. We sell English and French Country style furniture and beautiful items for your home. We have cushions and candles, lamps and linens, hooks and hangers to cards and clocks. Lots of artisan makes and unique finds from brocantes and flea markets. If you love Shabby Chic to Rustic Prairie a visit is a must. We also have a special hidden secret! Shabby Chocolat our rococo style chocolate boutique! Come and have a mooch! We are sure you will love it as much as we do!

Sunday, 15 August 2010


Hi All,

We have totally fallen in love with this gorgeous Little Red Riding Hood doll who arrived this week!

She really evoked some childhood memories for me. I wanted to be a mermaid, failing miserably not being able to swim, or to be Little Red Riding Hood. This I nearly achieved in a school rendition but was severly miscast (in my opinion) as the Grandma!

We loved to visit our Grandma as young girls, she always hade wonderful stories to tell and scrumptious cake to share.

We have also been busy making lots of new goodies for the shop, our handmade items are being snapped up by all you lovely ladies! We are constantly extending our handmade range as a result.

We hope you like our new additions pictured. These are our Snuggle Blankets from the Lily Hillidge linen range. They are so soft and cuddly and are backed with beautiful floral fabrics, they come in two different sizes. If you love Shabby Chic or Essentially English styles you will adore these!

Jackie is off to her beloved Brecon Beacons again for a few days whilst I am busy preparing our new newsletter which you can sign up for by emailing us at countrycousinslifestyle@live.co.uk and keep up to date with news, especially of our Country Club which we will be launching soon, where members will receive invites to special events and details of previews and promotions. Very exciting!

Well I had better get on with it!

Lots of Love

Denise xx

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  1. red riding hood is just cute as a button! and those blankets are a dream!could snuggle up with one right now....lacking enthusiasm for my chores today and wanting to be creative instead but trying to be grown up about it!(yes...im 39...i know!)currently frosting the windows of my workroom so i can paint draw and generally play with prettyful things without people constantly peering in at me!!! or wanted tea and cakes!!!
    anyone intersted in a cheap and easy way to do it? mix equal amounts pva glue and clear acrylic varnish and just stipple on...some lovely effects can be achieved and when ur bored it washes off with washing poxder and hot water...with a bit of elbow grease of course!
    Glad to hear ur extending ur range...with people starting to think of christmas ur beautiful things will be flying off the shelves and into santas sleigh!
    with love.
    sarajayne x